10+ Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds 2020

(Last Updated On: April 17, 2020)

Hello there, to all my friends and all the people reading this article of mine. I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and having with Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds 2020.

So, I assume that you are looking for an alternative to AirPods that will cost you a lot less right? Well, you are just in the right place my friend.

You guys would have been searching on Amazon and other online stores looking for some cheap audio alternatives to AirPods from Apple, as these AirPods are really expensive.

I have heard that there are some cheaper earbuds out there in the market which are holding 5+Stars user ratings for iPhones and for Android as well. But the question arises that are these earbuds really any good or not?

And for you guys, I am going to share my experience. Most of the time these earphones are just okay, but not the best. And some for some of these earbuds, I don’t feel that they are good for music at all. But, there are few earbuds that are decent enough and are worth considering.

In this article, I have some of those great truly wireless earbuds only for you which are really worth considering regarding the price tag and the quality as well.

The following are the earbuds that I think are the cheapest but good alternatives to Apple’s AirPods.

If you can’t afford the AirpPods, then it doesn’t mean you can’t get wireless earbuds so, today I brought a simple review on 5+ Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds 2020.

AirPods are expensive, and people want choices that are cheap.

Wireless earphones are a good replacement for headphones and ordinary earphones because they are easy to carry around. Moreover, wearing wireless earphones looks really stylish.

10+ Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds 2020

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For those who are paying in £, the following are the choices that you have.

When this technology of truly wireless earbuds was first introduced, users were lucky to get four hours of battery life, just from a single charge. However, technology has changed and has become more advanced.

There are now best budget true wireless earbuds, that have a life of 10 hours, with just a single charge. Earbuds, which cost as low as $100, are worth the money.

There are companies that provide users with less costly earbuds, to stay competitive in the market, like Creative and JLab.

Even if earbuds are cheap, the user still gets features like noise-canceling and good quality. If someone wants wireless earbuds, they don’t have to go for high price earbuds.

When buying a wireless earbud, the user should get one with high-quality Bluetooth codecs. This way, transferring data become quick and easy for people.

People like wireless earbuds, because they are very comfortable and easy to use.

They can earbuds anywhere they do, and they don’t have to worry about the tangling of wires or their heavyweight. Headphones and earplugs are histories. Earbuds have come to stay, and they are making waves in the market.

There are so many choices from which customers can choose. There is a lot of variety in the wireless earbuds market, but customers should choose those that they find affordable, and with multiple features.

Cambridge Audio Melomania 1

These wireless earbuds are the first of its kind from the Cambridge Audio Company. The earbuds come in black and stone color, and with a pocketable carry case.

It has a very neat design and extended battery life. As the earbuds double as a charger, the battery extends to extra 36 hours, with nine hours.

The price of these wireless earbuds is £99.95 and they support both iOS and Android. These do not noise-canceling earbuds, and customers shouldn’t mistake them for one.

These earbuds have a very detailed and rhythmic sound.

Unlike other wireless earbuds, these have a stable Bluetooth connection. If you want to listen to music, then you can easily do so, without being interrupted.

This earbud isn’t very stylish, which means customers might look elsewhere if they are going for the look, and not features.

Sennheiser Momentum Free

Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

This is an excellent pair of wireless earbuds. They come with in-line remote and mic, which is an added bonus for users. These earbuds support both Android and iOS, and they connect to Bluetooth devices as well.

The battery life for Sennheiser Momentum Free wireless buds is six hours.

These earbuds are for those who can keep up with short battery life. Moreover, when a track is compressed, these earbuds still deliver a clear voice.

  • The sounds clarity of these earbuds is pretty impressive.
  • They deliver really a good musical performance.
  • These earbuds have excellent dynamics.
  • When users use these earbuds to call someone, the quality is not that good.

Some users experience a top-end harshness when they use these wireless earbuds.

Philips SHB4385 True Wireless Bass

Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

The earbuds support both Android and iOS, and it comes with Bluetooth support.

The battery life of the earbuds is six hours, but if they are used with the charging case, then the battery lasts for 12 hours.

The earbuds pack a lot of basses, but the users might feel some detail lacking. Despite the price, this is a three-star product, and the quality is really good.

  • It is perfect for bass fanatics.
  • The earbuds are really comfortable, and well built. At the end of the day, when someone buys earbuds, they want them to be comfortable.
  • It has a great battery life, keeping in mind its low price.
  • The little details from music go missing because of the earbuds.
  • The timing and dynamics of the earbuds are not very inspiring.

SoundMagic E11BT

Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

Even though they don’t have a really extraordinary sound, they cost only £79.99 and pack plenty of good features. These earbuds come with in-line remote and mic. They support both Android and iOS, as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

  • The battery life of these earbuds is 20 hours, which is quite a lot, considering its low price.
  • These earbuds give a balanced and clear sound for the ear.
  • The battery life is very exceptional.
  • The design of these earbuds is comfortable.
  • SoundMagic’s earbuds are splashproof.
  • There is a lack of rhythmic engagement.
  • The neckband that comes with these wireless earbuds, won’t suit everyone.

Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds 2 Wireless

Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

This is one of the best budget true wireless earbuds because they cost only £22.97.

These earbuds come with an in-line remote and mic, and it supports both Android and iOS.

The earbuds also support Bluetooth connectivity. However, there are not noise-canceling earbuds. The battery life for these earbuds is seven hours.

  • They have fun and full sound.
  • The price is good, making it affordable for many users.
  • There is no NFC or aptX Bluetooth.
  • The bass sound in these earbuds is very low.

For those who are paying in $, the following are the five choices you have.

Monoprice True Wireless

Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds cost just $49.99. These earbuds produce really good sound and are tough. They have the IPX4 certification.

They have a very slim design, which sits well with the ear of the user. The buttons are small, and they are laid evenly on the design of the earbuds.

  • These earbuds are very durable.
  • Monoprice is stylish.
  • As the buttons are small, it can be difficult to control the earbuds.
  • At times, customers struggle to maintain contact between the Bluetooth device, and the earbuds.

Rowkin Ascent Micro

Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

The cost of these earbuds is only $69.99. These earbuds are specifically made for athletes, and come with a ribbed texture.

The ribbed texture makes it easy to grip both parts of the earbuds, with sweaty and gloved fingers.

  • The touch capacitive panel can have easily controlled.
  • Athletes can focus on their training, and won’t have to fumble with the earbuds.
  • Their size is quite compact.
  • The battery life is average
  • The music playback is weak, no matter what the source is.
  • These earbuds have a mic, but they lack any depth.

JLab JBuds Air

Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

JLab is a reputable name for wireless earbuds. These earbuds are very cheap, as users only have to pay $29.99.

JLab comes with really modern features, and those who have used it, feel that they should cost more. There are three EQ settings in these earbuds; balanced, bass boost and signature. These settings can have easily customized.

If someone is working out, then they can use the Bass Boost mode. As for Signature, it produces a better midrange.

The battery life of these earbuds is 4 hours, but if the person has a charging case, then the battery life is 10 hours.

  • The sound quality of these earbuds is really good.
  • These earbuds can withstand sweat because they have an IPX55 certification.
  • They can stand some splashing as well.
  • The design of these earbuds is bulky.
  • They can be a bit uncomfortable for users.
  • Only one earpiece works for calls.

Enacfire E18 True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

These wireless earbuds are a really attractive option because they come with a reliable sound. No matter what the music genre is, these earbuds will never disappoint. They are affordable for everyone, as they cost only $34.62.

Users can access Google Assistant and Siri commands with the help of these earbuds.

  • These earbuds are very stylish.
  • The charging case for these earbuds is super light.
  • Users can easily play 18 hours of music using these earbuds if they are charged for three hours.
  • The quality of calls isn’t that great.
  • Only one earbud can have used to hear calls.

Losei Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds cost $36.08. They have a decent built and robust bass. The low end of these earbuds is not overpowering and is perfect for bass lovers.

These earbuds are lightweight and are perfect for traveling.

When users take the earbuds out of its case, then they automatically get paired with the nearest Bluetooth.

  • They are very stylish, especially the charging case.
  • The battery life is only three hours, and when a person carries the charging case, it extends to 4 hours.
  • The built-in microphone is not very efficient when it comes to picking up calls. They usually pick up a lot of noise.


Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

This earbud is the best in a lot of things, but one of the most important and impressive facts about this earbud is that you can get this under $50 only.

Many of you people would be thinking what match would a $50 earbud do with an Apple’s AirPod, right? But the moment I will tell the impressive features of this then you might change your thoughts about it in a moment only.

This little buddy is powered by the latest Bluetooth version 5.0 which enhances the stability and connection of the earbuds with the input device.

These earbuds work flawlessly without any problem at a great range of up to 15 meters (49 feet).

This earbud supports both, the USB-C charging capability and Qi wireless charging capability as well.

This is reviewed, tested many times and it is IPX7 certified to be fully waterproof. And this will provide the users with great benefits in usage. And these earbuds sound pretty good according to the price tag it holds, and the features it is providing make this pair of earbuds the best cheapest option available.

These earbuds are ergonomic and lightweight. The design is made perfectly to fit comfortably in your ears without causing any discomfort or pain.

There are 3 sizes made for earbuds, choose the one which fits securely and stays firm in place even while doing workout sessions or running sessions.

These deep bass wireless headphones have Hi-Fi Stereo Sound for you. These earbuds feature dual 6mm graphene speakers which produce super great sound quality with deep bass and treble which is crystal clear.

This earbud has built-in MEMS microphones that provide you a feature to experience crystal clear hands-free calls with noise cancellation.

Another fascinating feature of this great This under $50 budget is that it features an intelligent voice activate assistance.

This Voice Assistant will help you in a convenient way to control your mobile device, answer or reject calls while driving or to execute some other intensive tasks that require your focus and attention, all of these can have done with your voice commands only.


  • According to the low price, it has surprisingly good sound
  • It supports both, USB-C and Qi wireless charging
  • Decent battery life up to 6 hours and extra 4 hours on the go with the charging case
  • Fully water-resistant earbuds. IPX7 certified


  • They are slightly bulky
  • There are no volume controls on the buds


Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

Xiaomi’s all-new wireless earbuds have promised plenty of performance and value at a price point that can be affordable by anyone.

The Xiaomi has proved that you don’t really have to spend lots of money to get yourself a good product. This is a very good quality of sound buds that sound so good and neatly into your ears.

Everything about these earbuds is simple, which includes paring, controls, and general basic design. It is very impressive overall especially when you see an affordable price.

Nowadays in recent times, the wireless earbuds are incredibly helpful as they make you listen to your favorite music without any worries of wires and it also has a good sound.

Considering the design and build quality of this, the first impression is very good all thanks to the classy pull box case that protects the earbuds from dust and it is also used in recharging the earbuds when they are not in use.

These earbuds have a curved rectangular shaped design that allows it to fit into your ears.

Both of the buds have an LED under the surface, which is used to display red when it needs charging and flashes white when it is ready to be paired.

These earbuds are made from plastic. The good thing about these earbuds is that they are very lightweight.

All thanks to the in-ear design of these earbuds, I found it quite pleasing with its bass quality and a wider range of frequencies.

Just make sure that the earbuds are firmly fixed into your ear, and they are all good to go, as by the time they can be loose and not firmly into your ears, which may result in a drop off of sound.

The buds come in three sizes of ear caps, you can use the size accordingly.

The pairing is easy all thanks to the Bluetooth 5.0 tech in these buds which helps all the devices to be easily connected with them in a few seconds.

This earbud automatically reconnect to a device after they are removed from the charging.

The Microphones in each of the buds allow you to receive or make calls while you are wearing them. The audio in these earbuds during the call is said to be great and clear which is easy to understand.

The control buttons on these earbuds have some different purposes, you can just click it a single time if you want to answer an incoming call or to hang up the call at the end, or you can hold and press it a little longer that will allow you to reject the call.

On the other hand, when you are not on call, then you can click once to play or pause the audio which you are listening and by clicking twice, it will launch a voice assistant on your device to help you.


  • It is a very low price as a true wireless Bluetooth headset. It only costs about 15 dollars which is very cheap as compared to other Airpods series.
  • This one has good sound quality.
  • It also has medium and high pitch stability.
  • It has a long-lasting timing of usage.


  • The calling functions in these earbuds needs an improvement


Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

As we all know the headphone market has been going towards wireless devices for a long time now.

At first, it was the arrival of “wireless headphones” which was used instead of the plugging in headphones to the AUX port on your smartphone but it was just the two earbuds that were connected by a single wire.

Then the first the true wireless earbuds came to the market which was the Apple AirPods which caught people’s attention and made a great name for itself in the market as people were buying these rapidly.

But, as you know the AirPods are a product of Apple and it is known for being expensive, which means not everybody can afford to buy these.

Just like these AirPods, there are a number of different manufacturers that offer the same true wireless earbuds at a very reasonable price point.

The Samsung Gear Icon X Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds is one of those affordable true wireless earbuds which is mentioned above.

This one was not so affordable when they were released, but now they have discounted it heavily for the past several months.

The IconX is great at doing sound isolation and minimizing wind noise. It also fits very firmly into your ears, so you don’t have to worry about any of the earbud falling out of your ear.

You can use the Samsung Gear IconX as normal Bluetooth wireless earbuds and also use it to stream music via Spotify OR you can easily load music directly onto them.

They have the capacity to store about 1,000 songs which is very impressive.

IconX has another cool feature which is that it has a built-in heart rate sensor for your workouts.

You can either start or stop a workout with the earbuds and the sensor is quite an accurate overall which very remarkable.

This one has a pretty solid audio quality which is the best feature a music lover could ask for. Its bass is great, the mid and high sounds are also good and the earbuds are good to hear and loud.

The build quality is also great as we all know Samsung does not compromise on the build quality of its products, and the IconX is also one of them.

Are you looking for the best smart speakers under 50? if yes you must follow the provided link.

It has a charging case that is small in size and it is made of smooth plastic and when you open the case, you will see the earbuds which are IPX2 sweat-resistant, so you really don’t have to be anxious about damaging these earbuds while you are working out and sweating.


  • It has an amazingly good sound
  • This one has good size and it fits great into your ears
  • It is an IPX2 sweat-proof


  • The battery life is just an average
  • It has a clunky case
  • It has a touch-sensitive playback which is not so good


Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

This Creative Outline Gold which you can get for only $99 in the market is a great deal to make for any person who loves and wants to enjoy music comfortably without any problem for long stretches at a time.

It is really impressive and is for the people who are addicted to the music and know the worth of a good device that delivers great quality of sound to their ears.

The case and the earbuds of this are just the same as the previous Outlier Air but the only noticeable difference is the shiny gold exterior on this.

These are truly wonderful and worth buying earbuds for the Budget Buyers, Athletes, users of iPhone and Android devices.

The brand Creative has really done a great job at producing high-quality devices with affordable prices and this goes on to the Outlier Gold as well.

These earbuds have Super X-Fi enabled and they sound so great, that is what makes budget buyers go for it.

Regarding the IPX5 rating of this earbuds, it means that no matter how much you sweat while in your training sessions or while running, the sweating will not damage these earbuds even a bit and that is what makes athletes go for it.

This supports both the aptX and AAC high-quality Bluetooth codec, which makes these earbuds eligible for providing great sound quality no matter which smartphone you have.

The charging case of this is made of plastic and aluminum. The design and shape of the case have unchanged from the shape of the Outlier Air.

In order to get the most out of this earbuds, you are required to use the Super X-Fi application.

You can get this application from Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The fact is that this Super X-Fi technology works only with local audio and music files.

You will need a Super X-Fi amplifier if you want a similar experience like the one provided by streaming services. You might be able to download songs and listen to them through the SXFI application but it depends on what streaming service you use for music.


  • It has Super X-Fi technology with holographic audio
  • Latest Bluetooth version 5.0, with aptX and AAC features
  • Decent battery life
  • It is waterproof, IPX5 certified
  • Stereo phone calls for great phone call experience


  • The quality of the microphone is not as good as it should have been
  • The build quality is slippery
  • The functionality of Super X-Fi technology is limited


Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

It is said that with the advent of Monoprice True Wireless in your hands, you are stepping into an era of cheap true wireless earbuds that perform very well. The design and the true wireless technology chic packaging of Monoprice is one to wonder.

But what do you think that are these looks enough to praise the efforts made by Monoprice? I will continue the review and then you will surely know the answer to this question.

These true wireless earbuds from Monoprice and the case of these earbuds is totally made of plastic. But still, the producers of these earbuds have managed to make each piece of it.

The microphone on these earbuds had said to be better than your expectations.

Many people who have tested the mic on these Monoprice earbuds have disclosed the results in their reviews and they say that the recorded voice was also clear whether it was self-recorded audio or recorded call.

I think that the battery life should have been better according to all the greatness these earbuds hold.

The tested and calculated continuous usage battery timing recorded is just of 2.43 hours. Only if you listen to music at lower volumes then you can get a closer to three hours of battery timing.

But on the other side of this short standalone battery life, the charging case of this it earbuds provides you with an extra 15 hours of battery life. Though, it takes two hours to fully charge via the micro USB cable.

What else can you expect at this price? All these specs matter more than anything.

These earbuds operate via Bluetooth 4.2, not the latest though. With this 4.2 Bluetooth, you are granted with a three-meter wireless range to stay connected to these great.


  • The price is affordable
  • It is certified IPX4
  • It has a compact and sleek design which is a great positive point for this device


  • Connectivity drops sometimes
  • It is unstable, doesn’t fits properly
  • Battery life is a very big downgrade for this device


Best Budget True Wireless Earbuds

These truly wireless earbuds are said to be created while keeping athletes in minds.

The Rowkin Ascent Micro’s charging case looks like the AirPods from Apple and the earbuds are comparable in size as well.

As for being IPX5 certified, these earbuds are waterproof and have a ribbed design on the case and the earbuds as well.

There are a lot of truly wireless earbuds that come with very heavy and bulky charging cases, but these earbuds are not considered good when compared to the ones with lightweight and compact earbuds set up like this earbud, these stay true to the name and the review that said this carries a case about the size of the Airpod.

Overall, this earbud is an excellent option to avail for all the people who are looking for cheap but great truly wireless earbuds.

The charging case included with this is easy to grip even with sweaty hands and ribbed design wraps around the earbud and the charging case as well.

With these affordable Rowkin Ascent Micro, true wireless earbuds make this technology accessible and available to all the people who have never experienced this technology and we’re on the fence till now.


  • It has great value
  • It is portable
  • Battery life is good when compared to other devices which are comparable in price
  • The noise reduction technology is very effective
  • It has touch capacitive housings


  • It has no aptX or AAC
  • You will feel discomfort after an hour of wearing this
  • The application is unstable

These were some of the cheapest but best in their prices true wireless earbuds that I searched and gathered for you guys.

I hope that you will surely find the one pair of true wireless earbuds that you think is great for you.

Have a wonderful day ahead. Thank you for reading!

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