What is Fitbit Device? How Does Fitbit Device Work?

(Last Updated On: January 5, 2020)

Hello there, I hope you guys are doing well. So, I assume that you are having a problem with your FitBit. How Does Fitbit Device Work? And now no worries, I will give you all the things you want to know about Fitbit and also about the problem you are facing right now. Do not worry and let’s get started.


Fitbit is an American company whose headquarter is in San Francisco, California. Fitbit was founded by James Park (CEO) and Eric Friedman (CTO).

In February 2018, the company announced that it would be in partnership with Adidas to release Adidas branded Fitbit products. The app also offers a community page where users can compete with one another.

Users can also share their progress before and after and achievement. It has various products such as trackers, wireless-enabled wearable technology devices that have many options like measuring the number of steps when walking, quality of sleep, heart rate, and several other things regarding fitness. This company was named Healthy Metrics Research, Inc in the first place but then it was renamed to Fitbit after October 2007.

How Does Fitbit Device Work?

All of these devices are based on fitness and the priority of Fitbit is the well being and fitness of a person to lead a healthy lifestyle. The company’s mission is to empower and inspire people to live a healthier and more active life.

Fitbit is considered to be the third-largest wearable company in shipments behind Xiaomi and Apple. It is reported that Fitbit has successfully sold for about more than a million devices and has approximately 28 million users. In recent time, Google announced that they were interested in buying Fitbit for $2.1 billion.

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Fitbit also offers a website and mobile app for Android, iOS and Windows 10 Mobile. Tracker devices can be easily synced with mobile phones via Bluetooth.

Users can do various stuff with these devices; they can track over time and can set daily and weekly goals for themselves, they can measure the calories consumed and burned, the distance they walked, their weight, other activities as well. The app can also be used without a tracker to measure calories on a lifestyle application.

The first product ever released was the Fitbit Tracker. The Fitbit company released its Fitbit Ionic smartwatch in October 2017 for $300 and this was released in 2018 by a smartwatch with a revised design and much cheaper price and Smartwatch vs Fitbit: Which One Is The Best? In 2020.

In December 2018, Fitbit also announced Fitbit OS 3.0. It is a version with an extended on-device dashboard, on-device logging for water intake and weight measure, and it has a goal-based exercise mode.

Fitbit has won a number of awards, which includes runner up TechCrunch50 in 2008 and  Innovation honoree and best in the Health and Wellness category at CES 2009. Fitbit was ranked 37 out of the 50 most innovative companies of the year 2016.

To set and use the hardware, you are required to create an account with Fitbit and agree to all the privacy rules, transfer and data collection.

Fitbit was criticized for its website’s default sharing settings, which made the users’ physical activities available for the viewing of the public. Fitbit responded to the criticism by making all the data of users private by default.

It is said that Fitbit Charge 2 measures the average heart rate of healthy adults accurately during they are asleep and it is said that it is most accurate for a medium range of heart rate.

Fitbit also announced the ten new partner apps which are being added to Fitbit App, Couch to 5k, Achu Health, Genius Wrist, and MySwimPro are added on Fitbit by 2018. Gold’s Gym, Mindbody etcetera were added by early 2019.  Fitbit also announced that they are adding a Run Detect feature, which enables auto-pause and auto-stop.

The Fitbit Charge 3 is like a wristwatch that helps in tracking health and fitness. It was introduced in October 2018. This device has a touchscreen display, exercises modes which are goal-based and various smart features.

The Fitbit Charge 3 is available in two different sized bands i.e. large and small. The small Fitbit Charge 3 is approximately between 5.5 – 7.1 inches whereas the large is about 7.1 – 8.7 inches.

The screen of Fitbit Charge 3 is larger than Fitbit Charge 2 by 40% approximately.  Fitbit Charge 3 is available in two color combos; a Graphite Aluminum screen case with a black band and a Rose Gold case with a Blue Grey band.

A new exercise API and open source tools have been added in Fitbit Smartwatches which allows developers to create apps in a more proficient and swifter way.

Fitbit devices work pretty simple, about the size of a clothespin, the Fitbit is shaped like a clip which you can easily keep it in your pocket or pants, it is only around 2 inches long and approx half an inch thick.

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Throughout the day, Fitbit measures and observes a range of data about your activities, which may include the number of steps you have taken, the distance covered and calories burned.

Fitbit keeps freezing and hanging again and again

There was an issue with Fitbit Charge 2 getting freeze or hang when selecting Golf exercise. It has been reported that the issue has been resolved.

If you are facing the problem and you have Golf as part of the Shortcut Exercises then you may first remove it and then add it back by following Derricks’ instructions.

If that is not your case or you are still facing the same issue then it is recommended that you restart it by:

  • Plugin the charging cable to the USB port on your PC or any certified USB wall charger.
  • Plugin the other end of the charging cable to the port on the tracker.
  • Be assured that the button on your tracker is aligned with the button opening on the charging cable. When the tracker vibrates, then you will know that the connection is secure and you will be able to see a battery icon on your tracker’s display. Charge 2 will begin charging.
  • Press and hold the button on your tracker for about four seconds. When the Fitbit logo appears and the tracker vibrates, then it means the tracker has restarted.
  • Then simply unplug the tracker from the charging cable.

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