How to Pair Wireless Earbuds Together? Tips To Pair It Now

(Last Updated On: December 5, 2019)

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It is common knowledge that wireless earbuds have to be paired with each other before they are connected to the Bluetooth device.

Most earbuds connect with each other automatically, when they are taken out of the box and know more about Do Wireless Earbuds Cause Cancer?.

Most people face problems in pairing earbuds together, and they are only able to connect one earbud to the Bluetooth device.

If such a thing happens, then the first thing you need to do is to restart your device.

How to Pair Wireless Earbuds Together?

how to pair wireless earbuds together

Make sure that the earbuds are in close proximity with each other, and there is nothing between the two earbuds.

It is important to turn off the wireless earbuds off and on, and the user can see its status with the LED light.

how to pair wireless earbuds together

When the user takes the earbuds out of their packaging, then they should first charge them. Earbuds need proper charging when the user gets them from the seller.

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Before charging them, you should look at the manual and find out how long they have to be charged.

If you are facing problems in connecting the two earbuds together, then first try to find them on the Bluetooth device. Earbuds and Bluetooth device should connect to each other so that they can be paired with each other as well.

If the earbuds still don’t pair with each other, then it is best to turn off the Bluetooth from the device.

Then, restart the earbuds, because at times this is the best way to pair them. Often, users don’t read the instructions on the manual, about how the earbuds can be paired with each other.

how to pair wireless earbuds together

When you pair earbuds with each other or connect them with the Bluetooth device, then users can see a blue LED light on the earbuds.

If the earbuds still don’t pair with each other, then you should charge them again using their charging case.

If you don’t pair both earbuds together, then they probably won’t work, or just one of them would work.

Tips To Pair Wireless Earbuds Together

how to pair wireless earbuds together

Wireless earbuds are a real blessing in disguise because they help users talk to other people, without holding their phone. They can even listen to music, without untangling their headphone’s wire.

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However, it is important to use wireless earbuds properly. They basically reach the inside of the ear and deliver sound to the user. If the volume is too high, then with time, this could impact the hearing ability of users.

Moreover, using wireless earbuds all the time can be damaging to the brain as well. If you are not using your earbuds, then you should take them out from your ears.

If you are using them, then make sure to adjust them properly, so that they don’t hurt your ears.

When you use earbuds, buy good quality earbuds so that they make you feel comfortable. There are earbuds, which deliver great sound to the user, and then there are those, which lack depth.


Buy earbuds that can help you communicate with others, and not just the ones you can use for music.  Be sure to get multipurpose earbuds.

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