How to Pair Jlab Wireless Earbuds

(Last Updated On: January 27, 2020)

Every wireless earbud won’t fit securely in your earbud, even if they are expensive. When you are walking or jogging, the earbuds keep coming off let’s solve How to Pair Jlab Wireless Earbuds.

How to Pair Jlab Wireless Earbuds

If you have a really expensive pair of earbuds, then you can’t possibly think about dropping them.

When you try the JBuds Air True Wireless, you will know what earbud quality is all about.

JLab’s most prominent feature is its USB cable, which is in the form of a small plastic charging case. It folds to the bottom, and like other USB cables, this doesn’t fly off to anywhere.

Even though the case is 3 inches long, it can recharge the buds quite easily. There are ear tips and comfortable fins, that come along with the earbuds.

The smallest size of JLab’s earbuds fits perfectly. It has Bluetooth 5 technology, and if you have a phone with the same technology, then that would be perfect for pairing. However, if you want to connect it with some other phone, you won’t face any problem even then.

You can easily make any calls, and the connection won’t be interrupted. The listening time for the earbuds is about 4.5 hours, and this is something even expensive earbuds don’t offer.

These earbuds can function, even if you don’t download an app. Each earbud has one button, and they control different functions. The left bud is for decreasing the volume, and the right earbud button is for increasing the volume.

If you press the right bud button, then the next song will play, and the left bud button will play the previous song.

It might get tricky for users to remember these functions, as there are only two buttons. Another thing that might irritate you is that the buttons on the earbuds are not really easy to press. You have to apply a certain amount of pressure on them to make them work.

The rating of these earbuds is IP55, which means dirt and sweat don’t have a chance against them. They are not waterproof, but they are quite affordable.

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JLab is known for its superb bass sound, and it could be perfect for how you like to hear the sound.

They are small in size, which makes it easier to carry them around. You can put them in a fanny pack or in your pocket, while you’re running around and take them out when you want to make a call.

They are easy to use, and they are the perfect gift for teenagers. The ease and convenience that these earbuds give, they will be perfect for those who like to listen to music a lot. Moreover, if you want to make phone calls, without taking your phone out, then this is the perfect gift.

Now, the main question is how to pair jlab wireless earbuds?

It is very easy to pair them. First, you have to go to the Bluetooth settings on your device and switch it on. Then, you have to press the mid button on the earbuds cable and hold it for 10 seconds.

A light will turn red and blue, showing that the device is in pairing mode. After that, select the device’s name in your cell phone and then pair it. If the Bluetooth gets paired, then you will be able to see a slow blue blink. It is as simple as that!

If you want to connect the two earbuds with each other, then it is also very simple.

First, take out the earbuds from its charging case, and remove the stickers. After that, hold both touch sensors for more than three seconds, so that they turn on.

When the left earbud turns a solid white color, and the right earbud blue and white color, then it means the two devices are ready to be paired.

The Jlab Wireless earbuds are of good quality, and when you wear them, you will feel the quality of sound.

When you are buying earbuds from a store, make sure that you get quality, and not rely on price. However, this doesn’t mean that every pricey earbud is of quality.

It is best to research about earbuds so that you know what you are buying. You should know the specifications of good earbuds, and what to look for.

Set a budget and then do research accordingly. You might come across some really fancy looking earbuds, but the main thing is their voice quality. If you only want to listen to songs, then you need to check right away, if they are any good.

However, if you also want to make calls and send commands through your earbuds, then check the quality of the mic attached.


Some earbuds have good reviews, but it is up to the perspective of the user, how he feels about a pair of earbuds. There are shops that offer customers the chance to test earbuds before they buy them.

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