Isn’t It Much Important The Solution of Wireless Fitbit Sync Dongle

(Last Updated On: December 24, 2019)

A wireless Fitbit sync dongle is in the shape of a small USB device. This device comes with Fitbit trackers, which are both Ultra and Classic.

Most users want to keep track of their fitness data and send it to the computer. For this, they need wireless sync dongle, which can be easily inserted. After the dongle is inserted into the PC, users can download the Fitbit Connect software.

Wireless Fitbit Sync Dongle

The wireless sync dongle will connect with the base station, and not the Fitbit Ultra or Classic Trackers.

You can use this software to connect the Fitbit device, with your PC, tablet, or phone.

When you connect your Fitbit device with any of the above devices, then you can easily sync data and How to Pair Wireless Earbuds Together?.

The Fitbit account contains your data, and you can see statistics, analyze the historical trends, set goals for yourself and even log in your water and food consumption.

The Fitbit device gives you the chance to connect with your friends, inspire them with your workout session, or gain inspiration from them.

However, before you use the dongle to sync with your wireless Fitbit device, you should know that the sync process can drain the battery.

As the two devices are connected with Bluetooth connectivity, you might not want to use the feature, if you don’t have a charger away from home.

Using the Fitbit Sync Dongle on Mac

Wireless Fitbit Sync Dongle

  1. Go to Scroll down, and click “Download for Mac.”

To use this feature on a Mac, you should first go to Fitbit’s website and click on the ‘Download for Mac’ option. After that, you will see a download begins, called .dmg file.

When the installer opens, then click on continue, and install the app on your Mac.

When the Fitbit Connect is installed, then you need to insert the dongle into the USB port of the computer.

Then, you need to wait for the software to recognize the device.

After you click on ‘set up new device’, you should log in to your existing account. Read the terms of service, and click on agree.

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Then, you can create your personal device, select the Fitbit tracker of your choice, and place the Fitbit device close to the wireless dongle.

You will get instructions, to form a connection between Mac, Bluetooth, and Fitbit. When Mac is able to find the device, then the user has to enter the pairing code, which shows on the Fitbit display.

Click the connect option, and the tracker will start synchronizing the Fitbit data, to your Fitbit account.

More helpful from Fitbit original site:

If you want to sync Fitbit data to other devices, then you can follow the same steps, with just minor changes.

These changes will appear on the screen when you are downloading the Fitbit file from its main website and Do Wireless Earbuds Cause Cancer?

Synchronizing the data is very easy and useful. If you are able to keep track of your fitness data, on multiple screens, then this could motivate you to exercise more.


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If they are able to share data with others, then they feel more happy about it.

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